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About TAG's Education

TAG makes education the pivot of every facet of character and talent of an individual, trained to be the best in their own right. The education scenario of modern times have changed tremendously. The essential focus now is to get the children to learn actively, with involvement in activities like experiments, sports, group works, presentations and more extra-curricular activities. Ideally, schooling needs to be done with a view of moulding a generation of talented and skilled students, who excel on all practical grounds with ability to efficiently comprehend, improvise and implement knowledge and skill.

The children will master their skills and talents and become professionals in various fields. TAG’s origin, existence and functioning are solely to promote this kind of education. We have collaborated with experts in education and devised a curriculum on the guidelines of CBSE syllabus, with a scope for active education. This ensures that students are involved in activities that reinforce the theory with practice in subjects like science, math, arts and sports.

We believe in every child for his/her ability to become remarkable individuals. Conforming to the desire of parents, we introduce their children into education that expands their boundaries of thought and action, enabling them to act vigorously in their desired and skilled areas.

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