Play Schools in Vijaynagar Colony, Masab Tank - Hyderabad

Choosing the right place for your child’s formative years becomes crucial since this has a long term impact in developing an enthusiastic learner for life. TAG Play School will help to guide you through that journey.

TAG Play School is strategically located in Vijay Nagar Colony, behind NMDC, Masab Tank. Our campus is spacious, airy and conducive to a growing child’s needs. At TAG, we’ve created a relaxed, serene, natural play and learning environment that’s warm and welcoming for your child. This helps create a sense of belonging and comfort. We believe in giving children the freedom to explore and learn in their own way and at their own pace in a bright, clean, clutter-free zone supervised by our ever-observant teachers. All rooms are designed to inspire your child’s senses without over-stimulating them. Children can stretch out to actively engage in play allowing for little bones to grow and muscles to develop, all while active learning takes place. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, XSEED curriculum. At TAG, you can be assured of a safe and positive environment that fosters your child’s learning.

We recognize that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. We are sensitive to the individual development of each child to ensure that the activities they undertake are suitable for the stage that they have reached. Children are actively engaged in activities that kindle their curiosity and sustain their interest. Children are provided with a range of varied opportunities for children to consolidate their learning from observations, enquiry, exploration and first-hand experiences. Young children are curious and actively involved in their own learning and the discovery and development of new understandings.

At TAG, we provide an environment which the children love being a part of. Children have infinitely creative and inquisitive minds. The child is at the centre of all that we do, and the reason for our being in the education field. We appreciate the uniqueness of every child, and conduct all our efforts with that basic tenet in our mind. Children learn best when their imagination is captured, their thoughts stimulated and their senses awakened. We seek to provide an adaptive environment that allows children these initial processes as they begin to gain an awareness of themselves and their own minds. To enjoy playing in the Sand area, to interact with various kinds of toys and gadgets, offering unique learning environment that allows children to engage with nature and to see the changes that they bring. So we encourage children to spend time outdoors as it improves health and lets their imagination blossom. We have separately created zones for children to unleash their creativity, be it painting and coloring, music or dance. We also enhance their all-around learning through our exercises which children undergo in TAG.

One of the significant features in the early years classrooms are the learning stations. These stations are specially designed keeping in mind, the learning and developmental needs of a child. It inculcates skills such as independence and decision-making, as they freely move around the classroom choosing from the wide range of resources. Children build a relationship with other children, explore a range of materials and are inspired by the provocations in these learning stations to enquire, explore and discover the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment. There are 7 learning areas within the class: reading station, writing station, investigation station, role-play station, art and craft station, listening station and free play station. These learning stations ensure that every child is exposed to a variety of hands on, relevant learning experiences based on enquiry, exploration and experimentation. These learning stations provide opportunities to the teacher for focused small group instruction, while the teacher assistant provides children with multiple opportunities to reinforce and apply the skills they are learning. The learning stations at TAG, engage children in purposeful play and constitute an integral part of learning in the early years.

Learning activities for kids at TAG Play School: To this we add a team that endeavors to understand what it feels like to be a child and to see the world through a child’s eyes. From here we capture their interests, support them and challenge them – working together intrinsically to actively play, and experience the enlightenment of natural learning. With this, children not only build self-confidence and self-esteem, but also learn through their preferred learning style.

This approach helps us nurture your child’s character, give them confidence and self-esteem, help them understand relationships and friendships, allow them time to think, consider and develop their understanding. So when the time comes for your little ones to join a formal school, they will have gained the confidence to ask questions, challenge ideas and even develop their own concepts. Most importantly, children develop a positive attitude about new experiences which will support their ability to adapt to an ever changing world.

What makes our school special?

At TAG Play School, we believe that our team is the backbone of our play school. We share knowledge, bringing a wealth of experience that constantly propagates learning. We know the importance of celebrating achievements and supporting individual struggles. We encourage problem solving, challenge each other to be better for our children and above all else provide comfort and reassurance to your child.

Our team is an interesting mix of people who come together in our love for children and what we do. Our core team comprises passionate, dedicated and professionally qualified teachers who embody all the values we teach our children: because the best teachers lead by example. Beyond our staff, TAG’s dedication and passion is embodied in our huge support team that makes it possible for us to give the best to our children.

At TAG, our approach towards a child’s development is all-inclusive and complete. Our philosophy is to give equal weight age to learning and enjoyment which we believe is the key aspect for foundation learning. When this concept is combined with our warm and multi-cultural setting along with our highly experienced staff it forms the right base for a child’s best start.

At TAG Play School, we have clearly established rules and regulations relevant to your child’s care as far as security, hygiene and dealing with emergencies is concerned. We understand that you are giving in our hands your kids who are your biggest assets and we pay high regard for the trust you have in us. Our interactions with your child are personal and compassionate. We feel proud to believe that we are care givers first, an academic organization later. When you trust us with your young child, we believe that we owe your child the care and nurturing that’s individual and unique to them. This belief drives every aspect of our interaction with your child. We ensure your child feels safe and loved during his/ her time with TAG. We focus on supporting children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, and guide them to co-operate, negotiate and overcome challenges.

TAG is one of the best Play Schools in Vijaynagar Colony, Masab Tank for it is an extraordinary place for young children to learn and grow. We focus on observing children – while discovering their interests; assessing their strengths; supporting their understanding and enhancing their play and learning experiences. We build positive relationships with children and their parents and encourage parents to share their child’s play and learning experiences with us. We provide environments that encourage natural curiosity and experiences within the 7 areas of learning and development, where children actively engage in play, and therefore naturally begin to learn.

But above all we see the child as an individual and a unique being. We respect that every child is different; we nurture, educate and celebrate each child’s culture, belief system and values.