Best schools in anantapur

Welcome to TAG Public School, the top 10 schools in anantapur with a fantastic reputation and genuinely a wonderful place to be.

TAG Public School, the best schools in Anantapur follows the XSEED Education Curriculum as a framework which we then adapt to ensure a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young learners. It is important that we scrutinize the curriculum so that children understand what they are learning and why, by using the environment around them. Children love learning about things they love, so allowing them ownership over their learning, where appropriate, is critical to their success.

We also focus heavily on learning behaviors such as Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Enquiring Minds, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Children need to be able to read and write, to manipulate number, to use technology effectively when required and to hypothesize and investigate. However, they must also be able to communicate effectively in many different forms, collaborate with others, problem solve, take risks and accept challenges in their learning. Children must be resilient and understand that mistakes help them learn and grow as individuals, and so we talk regularly about the importance of developing a growth mind-set.

Children should be given many opportunities in a range of environments in order to grow and develop. This includes academic, sport (both competitive and non-competitive), performance and creative arts, as well as personal development and discovery activities like residential experiences outside the classroom. It is our role as educators to ensure such opportunities exist that will engage and challenge our children.

We believe that everyone in school should be a role model to others, right from the youngest members of our community. Respect for each other, our learning, our community and our environment is essential. We also believe that children should be happy in school and enjoy learning. Success and progress are of course critical in a child’s education and we know that happy children succeed. By focusing on children’s wellbeing and happiness and by ensuring they are given the skills and tools to learn, we know we will get results the right way.

At TAG we have a very strong culture of reflection and we acknowledge achievements and celebrate success in all aspects of learning. With awareness, we then plan our next development steps that will ensure greater success in the future.

TAG Public School, the best cbse schools in anantapur thoroughly deserves the reputation it has gained over the years. Our children, teachers and parents are what make our school special.