CBSE schools in anantapur

Welcome to TAG Public School, the pavilion for a wholesome education of your child.

We are a caring school and go out of our way to ensure that every individual student is looked after well and cared for to the best of our ability. It is also important to us that parents become part of our community and we share their hopes and aspirations for the future of their children.

Celebrating the uniqueness of each child, TAG Public School the top 10 schools in Anantapur provides a 5 Step Experiential Learning ( AIM, ACTIVITY, ANALYSIS, APPLICATION & ASSESSMENT ) environment to promote quality education based on internationally accepted best practices.

We are committed to educate our students with the skills to achieve their highest level of academic performance, while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes enabling each student to achieve a successful transition from childhood to adulthood.

Our vision is to be the leading educational institution in the region, nurturing each student’s potential so that they may take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community.

At TAG, we believe the strong foundational skills of literacy, numeracy and science are critical, but not enough to allow our children to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We also nurture intellectual curiosity, reflection and higher order conceptual thinking through an innovative and experiential curriculum. Our enhanced XSEED curriculum further encourages the development of character through active learning.

The balanced curriculum is taught by well qualified and specialist staff in class sizes enough to offer individual attention and support to the children. Our highly expert teachers use every opportunity to foster intellectual mastery and promote cognitive growth by creating a safe place for children to ask questions and take risks. Our educational approach is based on the fundamental principle that if we can understand your child and figure out what their interests are and what makes them best, then we can fully engage their curiosity so that they may learn deeper, richer and more meaningfully. This is the reason why the Master Educators at the TAG Public School, spend a significant amount of time with the other teachers designing activities, experiments and situations for the children. The goal is for the children to engage with the material and also to develop the key skills of critical thinking, creativity, persistence and curiosity.

TAG, the CBSE schools in Anantapur is also centrally located on a campus that has been purposefully designed to be a safe and engaging environment. Class sizes are kept deliberately small to ensure that teachers have quality time to plan and deliver a unique educational experience for each learner in spacious classrooms and learning spaces.

You are always welcome to visit us and discover for yourself what makes TAG a different and best schools in Anantapur.